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Ministry Teams

History Ministry Team

Date Prepared/Revised:  May 4, 2022 

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Purpose: To preserve historical records of Hillcrest


  • Team Leader
  • Secretary
  • 3 Volunteers

Term of Service:  

  • All Team Members serve a 5-year term


  • All Team Members must be active members of Hillcrest
  • Interest in preserving the history of Hillcrest


  • Collect materials that document the life, history, and ministry of Hillcrest
  • Preserve the materials and records that document the history (via paper or electronic)
  •  Meet twice a year or when needed
  • Help organize and update historical records
  • Attend annual training

Scripture: (Isaiah 46:9) ... the Lord commands, “Remember your history, your long and rich history.”

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