Ministry Teams

Compassion Ministry Team

The Compassion Ministry Team - to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ during the loss of an immediate family member.

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Decorations Ministry Team

The Decorations Ministry Team - to provide some additional visuals to draw attention to those celebrations.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Encourage visitors to reach out if they are unsure. This will take them to a contact form.

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Food Service Ministry Team

Work alongside the Food Service Staff to ensure quality meals are served for Wednesday Night Suppers and the food preparation facility and equipment are in good order and well maintained

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Hillcrest Library Ministry Team

Distribute media resources to members and non-members; to reach, teach, and train the body of Christ by providing opportunities for spiritual growth; and to promote leisure reading

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History Ministry Team

Preserve historical records of Hillcrest

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Hospitality Ministry Team

Assist the Church in hosting Church-wide ministries and events

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Life Safety Team

Provide a safe and secure environment in which members, attendees, and visitors may worship free from undue fear or concern based on real or perceived internal and external threats.

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Men's Ministry Team

Lead in the discipleship of men at Hillcrest

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The Committee for Ministry Teams

The Committee for Ministry Teams (CFMT) is made up of members of the church body from a broad range of age and ministry experience so we can reach out across the entire spectrum of those willing to serve. It is the responsibility of the CFMT to...

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Transportation Ministry Team

Assist the church in all facets of transportation and maintenance connected with church owned, leased or rented vehicles

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Usher Ministry

Serve as a resource to welcome, direct, and enhance the Worship experience

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Welcome Center Ministry Team

Welcome, identify, and engage guests and members to Worship and any other service

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Women's Ministry Team

Lead in the discipleship of women at Hillcrest

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