Bennington, VT

Where We Serve

Vermont is known for its maple syrup, beautiful green mountains, and ski resorts. Tourism is a major industry and source of income for the state of Vermont. There are many centuries-old church buildings standing empty, the hearts of the people have turned from God and His word. Underneath the beauty of the land and architecture, Vermont has become a realm without Christ. Vermont is the second most liberal area in the nation. The northeast was at the beginning of our country’s history, the cradle of American Christianity. According to the Palmetto Family Council, Vermont is also the least churched state in the nation. Those churches that once shared the teaching of Christ now teach liberalism, universalism, and environmentalism. The town of Bennington is located in the southwestern corner of the state of Vermont. Bennington is the geographic center of the Northeast and has a population of around 16,000 people. Twenty percent of the American population lives in the Northeast, within a 6-hour reach of Bennington. In Bennington, Hillcrest partners in ministry with the Northeastern Baptist College and Capstone Baptist Church.

Northeastern Baptist College is a four-year Baptist college that was founded in 2013. Mark Ballard, President of Northeast Baptist College, states, “Our mission is to impact the Northeast, the United States, and the world by training students to have The Mind of a Scholar, The Heart of a Shepherd, and The Perseverance of a Soldier”.

Capstone Baptist Church was started in 2005 and is the only Southern Baptist church in Bennington. Phil Steadman, who was actively involved in the start of Capstone, became the pastor in 2008.

What We Do

Our mission in Vermont is to partner with Northeastern Baptist College. Our projects for the college classrooms and library have included light construction and cataloging/inventorying media.

Our desire for future missions include continuing to help build the physical structure of Northeastern Baptist College and to assist Capstone Baptist Church through outreach.

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October 1-1, 2032