Costa Rica

Where We Serve

San Vito is located in far south-central Costa Rica, less than 20 miles from the Border of Panama. It is located in a fertile valley between the Talamanca and Fila Costena mountain ranges. It is approximately 3200 feet above sea level and has a mild temperature during the day and has cool nights. The area is known for its agricultural bounty, especially it’s high quality coffee. San Vito and the surrounding villages have a population of almost 10,000 people. Next to San Vito is the Coto Brus Reserve, home of the Guaymi people. The Guaymi or Ngabe people are indigenous to northern Panama and southern Costa Rica. This long established people group was near the height of its power and influence when Christopher Columbus first set foot in Costa Rica in 1502, but has since been relegated to four reserves in southern Costa Rica.

What We Do

Hillcrest has partnered with Abundant Life Church in San Vito, to reach the Costa Ricans and the Guaymi people. While we are there, we serve through numerous ways, including Bible Schools, service projects, and local missions. On past mission trips, we have conducted construction projects for the Guaymi, like helping to provide clean water to villages, or building bridges, all while sharing the love of Christ. Because of the hard work and diligence of our past teams, the building projects on the mountain are minimal. However, we continue to provide Biblical teaching to the villagers and local Guaymi pastors

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