Ministry Teams

There are many ways a person can serve the Body of Christ at Hillcrest Baptist Church! One who desires to serve is accomplishing some portion of the Great Commission by being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus.

The Committee for Ministry Teams

Hillcrest encourages every member to be engaged in service. The Committee for Ministry Teams (CFMT) is made up of members of the church body from a broad range of age and ministry experience so that we can reach out across the entire spectrum of those willing to serve. It is the responsibility of the CFMT to fill vacancies for all ministry teams.

While it is true that one must be a member of the congregation to serve on a ministry team, there are many opportunities for persons who attend HBC to engage in service. You will find a listing of some of those opportunities below. If you are interested in serving please contact for further information.

Compassion Ministry Team

It is the primary focus of The Compassion Ministry Team to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ during the loss of an immediate family member. This team will be responsible for the planning, preparation, and serving of a meal on the day of a local funeral/memorial service for a church member or a member’s immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings). They will also provide a care box to the family with paper goods and ice. The Compassion Ministry Team consists of the Chairperson, Co-chairperson, Team Leaders, Team Assistants, and Team Members. These teams will function on a rotating basis. Anyone who desires to serve as a team member may do so by contacting

Decoration Ministry Team

There are several times throughout the calendar year that HBC celebrates special holidays and/or events. It’s during those times that we ask the Decoration Ministry Team to provide some additional visuals to draw attention to those celebrations. The obvious ones are Christmas, Easter, July 4th and Veteran’s Day. Though there are only 5 members of the primary team, there is always a need for volunteers to assist in accomplishing the work. Anyone desiring to volunteer may do so by contacting .

Food Service Ministry Team

Each Wednesday evening our church gathers for a fellowship meal in the Fellowship Hall. It is the primary duty of this team to ensure that this meal is planned, prepared, served and cleanup of the kitchen is accomplished. This team also takes charge of the care and maintenance of the cleaning, inventory and usage policies for the main kitchen.

There are multiple ways individuals may serve in this area.

  • Volunteer to serve the meal as a member of a rotating team
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen two-three times a year
  • Assist in taking inventory of all kitchen equipment and resources

If you have the spiritual gift of helps/service, this would be a great place to jump in. Contact to sign-up.

Greeter Ministry Team

These members of HBC serve at the Welcome Centers in the foyer of the main Worship Center and the Fellowship Hall, as well as, on the perimeter of the campus. They assist members and guests in locating facilities, providing printed materials for further information about HBC and registering attendance for Sunday Morning Bible Studies. They also act as escorts to ensure guests find classes they wish to attend. For further information about volunteering for this ministry, contact

History Ministry Team

The history of a church is vital to the future of the church! If we can’t look back to see where we’ve been, then there is a distinct possibility we’ll have no vision as to where we need to go. HBC recognizes that she is standing on the shoulders of those members and leaders who came before us and built a legacy of fulfilling the Great Commission.

We desire to do the same for future generations. Though the methodology and facilities have changed over the past six decades, the message of the Gospel and the truths of the Word of God have never changed.

This team has the privilege of documenting through pictures and writing the history of Hillcrest Baptist Church. If you have an interest in this unique ministry, contact .

Hospitality Ministry Team

In contrast to the Food Service Ministry Team, this group has a focus on extracurricular activities that are church-wide. Banquets, luncheons, receptions on campus, as well as, church cook-outs and picnics off campus are also a part of this teams function. The team plans menus, sets-up and serves, and then cleans-up after the event. If you have the spiritual gift of hospitality/helps/service, this could be right up your alley! Anyone desiring to serve may contact .

Personnel Ministry Team

The Personnel Ministry Team has a two-fold purpose:

  • To support and encourage all staff members
  • To serve as a liaison between the church body and the staff

There are other fine points in their job description but these are the primary functions of service. Members of this team are selected to serve from the church body that have a spiritual gift of administration and a mindset of peace, compassion and wisdom.

Properties Ministry Team

This ministry team assists the church in matters related to the administration and maintenance of church properties. It is a working team as they are called on to lead two church-wide workdays a year and to assist the Executive Pastor by inspecting facilities for needed repairs.

Security Ministry Team

The men and women who serve on this team act as “sheep dogs” keeping watch over the flock. They are prepared to assist the congregation in the event of an emergency. There is a training process for anyone who desire to serve on this team. Contact for further info.

Stewardship Ministry Team

To lead the church in accomplishing its mission by developing in members an understanding of and commitment to biblical stewardship through a planned, year-round program. This team will use all functions of the church to help members and the corporate church grow in stewardship and mission support. The Stewardship Team prepares and presents to the church body a comprehensive ministry budget. This team is also responsible for reviewing all accounts and budget line items as to receipts and expenditures and reporting their findings to the church.

Transportation Ministry Team

This team exists to assist the church in all facets of transportation and maintenance connected with church-owned vehicles. This includes recommendations on lease/purchase plans, driver training, and establishing policies for use of all vehicles. If you would be interested in assisting this team in maintaining the vehicles or volunteering as a driver, please contact  

Usher Ministry Team

The Ushers serve as greeters at all entrances to the main Worship Center and provide both a warm welcome and a weekly service hand-out for every person attending the HBC worship experience. They provide similar services for all additional events such as revivals, concerts and conferences. These men also assist in the receiving of the offerings.