Hillcrest Baptist Church offers a wide variety of Support Groups to allow those who are dealing with certain issues in life to have an avenue to learn, discuss and feel the support of others dealing with the same issues. In each of these groups we hold to the responsibilities that 1) We will not be judgmental, 2) We will, as much as possible, encourage confidentiality and 3) We will encourage the participant to talk, but not require it. If you desire to be part of one of these support groups please call the Counseling Center at 334-347-2516 and talk with one of the counselors there about particulars. In some of the groups there is a cost for the materials, but this cost is minimal and will be explained in each Support Group description. The following Support Groups are presently being offered:

  • Cancer Support Group – You don’t have to face cancer alone as a patient nor as a caregiver. Learning that you or your loved one has cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. Talking to someone about your feelings, your cares and concerns can help you gain strength, and be more hopeful and at peace. This group is facilitated by a man and a woman, both cancer survivors. We invite those diagnosed with cancer, cancer survivors and those who are caregivers to this group. The group meets on Monday nights at 6:00 – 8:00 in Building F, Room 312 on the 3rd floor.
  • Single & Parenting - As a single parent, you know there aren't many people who truly understand the unique challenges you face. You deeply desire to do what's best for your kids, and you worry that you aren't. Sometimes, it's all you can do to survive from one day to the next. Single & Parenting is a special group that will bring hope to your life. This group meets on Wednesday nights from 5:30 - 7:30 in Building A, Room 120 (Counseling Center).

NOTE: Nursery is provided for all support groups.