Here's some basic information about the Haiti Mission opportunities for 2017!

For more information, please contact Travis Dunham -

Haiti Mission 1


Trip Dates:            June 23-30 
Team Leader:   Travis Dunham
Trip Cost:   $1550
Info. Meeting:   2/5/17


Haiti Mission 2


Trip Dates:            October 6-13
Team Leader: Phillip Curtis
Trip Cost: $1550
Info. Meeting:   3/12/17 



Where We Serve

Haiti is located a little over 700 miles south of Miami, and is known as the most poverty stricken country in the Americas. It is a majority Christian country, with around 80% of locals professing to be Catholics. Many of them, however, have combines Catholicism with different forms of Voodoo. We focus most of our ministry efforts in and around Jacmel, which is in the south eastern part of Haiti along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

What We Do

Hillcrest partners with local churches and the Alabama Baptist Mission house for a variety of missions opportunities. We head into the community for street evangelism, hold discipleship training for local church and lay leaders, and teach Bible Clubs for children. Also, we’ve helped with the construction of the Espwa Timoun I and Espwa Timoun II orphanages with a partnership with Children’s Hope. They assist in adoptions and operate orphanages all over the world, and we are excited to continue working alongside them. You can find more information about Children’s Hope here.