Here's some basic information about the Ethiopia Mission opportunities for 2017!

For more information, please contact Travis Dunham -

Ethiopia Mission 1


Trip Dates:            January 20-30 
Team Leader:   Larry Walters
Trip Cost:   $2500


Ethiopia Mission 2


Trip Dates:            June 21-30
Team Leader: Annette Whitton
Trip Cost: $2500
Info. Meeting:    12/4/16 


Ethiopia Mission 3


Trip Dates:            October 4-14
Team Leader: Sarah Carter
Trip Cost: $2500
Info. Meeting:    3/19/17 



Where We Serve

The area of Ethiopia that we have “adopted” as our primary mission field is the southern region, specifically two villages: Tunto and Medulla. We will also be going to a new village named Zaldama. This particular village has not had a medical clinic come to them in over 15 years, so we are very excited to add this village onto our mission. The Texas team (another group of believers we partner with) has been to Zaldama to provide teaching in the past couple years, and through their information, there is a great need to expand to this particular village.

What We Do

The past four years, we have focused on our missions to consist of a medical team (doctors, nurses, dental and optometry) and teaching (pastors, married couples, children and students). We are able to organize these missions with the help of our mission liaison, Fikadu, who lives in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. He is our point of contact for getting all the details together for each mission trip. He has been doing this for mission teams for many years, and has been doing a wonderful job in making our missions run smoothly.