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To select, enlist and nominate persons to serve on church ministry teams. In accordance with the Hillcrest Constitution and Bylaws, this team also enlists and nominates selected team chairpersons.



  1. Select, enlist and nominate members to serve on church ministry teams and present them to the church for approval.
  2. Select, enlist and nominate members of the serving team to fill the position of Chairperson for the upcoming team year and present them to the church for approval.
  3. Review the number and kinds of teams, team duties and make recommendations for changes, additions or deletions.
  4. Review church team policies and procedures to ensure balanced church representation and effective team functioning.
  5. Match places of service and people with gifts in those areas, enlist team members that represent the entire congregation as much as possible, and enlist new church members for service.




To be responsible for the planning, preparation, and serving of a meal on the day of a local service for a church member or a member's immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings). In some cases the pastor or other staff may request a meal be served to a non-member's family of in other exceptional circumstances when it appears the need is great. The Compassion Ministry Team consists of the Chairperson, Co-chairperson, Team Leaders, Team Assistants, and Team Members. These teams will function on a rotating basis.



  1. When the church office is notified of a death, they will call the chairperson or co-chair and give them all available information. The chairperson will then contact the appropriate team leader.
  2. The team leader will contact the family expressing sympathy to them and to set up a time for the leader to go to the home and take a hospitality box of paper goods, as well as an ice chest and ice. After the funeral the ice chest and hospitality box will be picked up by a team member and taken back to the team leader.
  3. At the time of the visit the team leader will make arrangements for the meal. It will be explained to the family that the church will provide a meal on the day of the funeral. The leader will discuss the date, time, and place of the meal. He/She will also discuss the approximate number of people expected for the meal and if the family wishes members of the team to serve.
  4. The meal will be planned according to the number of people being served. The meal will consist of 2 (two) meats provided by the church. The church will also furnish paper goods for the meal. Each member will be asked to provide one dish on the day of the funeral that will feed 8-10 people. The team members will provide salads, vegetables, desserts, rolls, and tea (also ice if needed). Team leaders are responsible for ordering and picking up meat. Each team may need to serve 4 to 6 times per year.
  5. Each group is responsible for providing, preparing, and delivering the meal to the location decided by the family (home, church, etc.). Be sure that the family has someone at the location if other than church to receive the food.
  6. The family will be given a list of providers’ names and the food they brought.





Assist the church in securing, arranging and disposing of all floral arrangements for regular church activities.



  1. Make sure floral arrangements are placed in the Worship Center for all Worship Services.
  2. Post a flower calendar for the current year for membership participation in providing flowers for Worship Services.
  3. Be responsible and oversee all Worship Center decorations: Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day or any other holiday requested by ministers for a special service. This includes, but is not limited to, the decorations of The Living Christmas Tree.
  4. Inform the Stewardship Team by October 1 of budget needs of the ministry team for the coming year.




Works with Executive Pastor in providing Wednesday Night Suppers and other meal preparation as needed.



  1.  Responsible for the preparation and clean-up for the Wednesday Night Suppers and other meals in coordination with the Executive Pastor.
  2. Formulates policy with the Hospitality Team relating to the operation of the kitchen.




Assist the church in preserving and using historical records of the church.



  1. Preserve the materials and records that document the history of the congregation.
  2. Inform the members about the heritage of the church and help develop an understanding of Baptist history.
  3. Collect materials that document the life, history and ministry of the church.



Assists the church in hosting church-wide activities.


  1. Responsible for hosting church-wide activities.
  2. Formulate policy with the Food Service Ministry Team relating to the operation of the kitchen and make recommendations to the church concerning these policies and church-wide activities.







The Personnel Ministry Team is a standing committee of Hillcrest Baptist Church created under the authority of the church’s Constitution and Bylaws Committee, the Deacon Body, and the church membership. The committee consists of five (5) members who each serve a 5-year term, with one member rotating off and one new member coming on each year. The chairman of the ministry team is chosen by the Committee for Ministry Teams. Other officers are elected within the ministry team.



  1. Survey the need for additional church staff positions.
  2. Prepare and update, as necessary, position descriptions for all employed personnel.
  3. Prepare and maintain an organizational manual related to the church’s employed personnel.
  4. Recruit, interview, and recommend to the church, prospective personnel. Church support personnel should be interviewed and recommended to the church for employment by the appropriate supervisor.
  5. Develop and recommend salaries and benefits for employed personnel.
  6. Develop and recommend to the church, policies and procedures for employed personnel administration.




This ministry team assiste the church in matters related to the administration and maintenance of church properties.



  1. Supervise and determine that all properties are maintained for ready use and recommend policies regarding the use of church property.
  2. Maintenance of all furnishings and equipment.
  3. Maintenance of church grounds and parking areas.
  4. Provision of adequate property and liability insurance of all types, fire protection equipment and periodic fire control inspections.
  5. Maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of furnishings and equipment.
  6. Support the Stewardship Ministry Team in the following areas.

            a.     Evaluate requests for new furnishings and equipment.

            b.     Maintain a priority list of building repair and equipment needs.

            c.     Assist in the purchase and installation of furnishings and equipment.


      7.  The following budget items are the responsibility of this team.

            a.     Utilities

            b.     Insurance

            c.     Extermination Contract

            d.    Janitorial Supplies

            e.    Building & Equipment

            f.     Security







The Public Relations Ministry Team’s purpose is to communicate the church’s ministry to church members, prospects and the surrounding community.



  1. Identify internal and external public relations needs.
  2. Work with program leaders and the church staff to communicate the church’s work through media appropriate to the public.
  3. Increase church members’ awareness of the value of good church relations.
  4. Determine policies in public relations issues.
  5. Identify media that will best achieve priorities within the available budget.
  6. Recommend policies, procedures and actions to improve church public relations.
  7. Develop a five year long range plan and a detailed, dated, one year action plan.
  8. Make assignments within the ministry team to implement action plan.




Assist the church by planning and overseeing all recreational activities sponsored by the church.



  1. Organize church-wide recreational activities for the membership of the church and as an outreach to the community.
  2. Supervise recreation activities sponsored by the church or any church organization to ensure proper planning and that they contribute to the objectives of the church.
  3. Monitor recreational activities which the church is involved in to ensure that Christian ideals are upheld and that they contribute to the objectives of the church.





To lead the church to accomplish its mission (Matthew 28:19-20) by developing in members an understanding of and commitment to biblical stewardship through a planned, year round program. This team will use all functions of the church to help members and the corporate church grow in stewardship and mission support.





 The Great Commission instructs the church to teach people who accept Christ to obey His commandments (Matthew 28:20). God teaches us much about stewardship in His Word.



 A church’s activities are to be guided by the mission Christ gave it. A church fulfills its mission through ministries in the community, the association, the state convention and throughout the world. These ministries should be encouraged and included in support when the budget is proposed.



A church’s budget can encourage active support in the mission God has given His church. A unified ministry budget, thoroughly promoted with a budget emphasis, and carefully administered, provides the best assurance of adequately funded ministries.



Establish the policies and procedures in the church to receive, count, deposit, disburse record, report and audit church funds. This is essential, as often this affects the reputation of a church.




Assist the church in all facets of transportation and maintenance connected with church owned vehicles.



  1. Monitor transportation needs of the church to ensure proper use of the church owned vehicles.
  2. Responsible for the disposition of fuel consumption in the utilization of church owned vehicles.
  3. Establishes transportation policy for church owned vehicles.
  4. Report fuel use funds to the Stewardship Team for budget purposes.




Provide ushers to serve during the various worship services of the church.



  1. Determines the number of ushers needed to serve a particular church worship service.
  2. Greet people as they arrive and depart.
  3. Assist people to their seats and provide bulletins and other materials as needed.
  4. Assist the Ministers as needed during the worship service to serve the needs of the congregation.